Root Touch-up Kit

Root Touch-up Kit

SKU: CM001

Stuck at home with grown-in roots? We've got you covered!

Get your tailor-made root touch-up products straight at your doorstep with our new system! Here are some of the benefits of purchasing from us:

  • The products you receive will be customised to your current hair color. So if you are an existing customer, you will be receiving the same products that we use in salon and, if you are a new customer (hello!), the details you give us will be enough for us to sort out your color needs! 
  • Support on how much product will be needed (we don't want you realising midway that you bought too less or too much!)
  • Authentic products straight from authorised distributors (have no fear of receiving bad/faulty/fake products. This is salon-grade stuff, so rest assured that your results will be immaculate)
  • Cash on delivery



  1. Create an account on our website
  2. Open the link below for the 'Root Touch-up Detail Form'
  3. Fill and submit your details and wait for our email (maximum of 3 working days) with details of your color and how many kits you will need
  4. Once you have received our email, add the recommended number of Root Touchup Kits to your cart on our website and check out.