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The Scacial – What Is It and Why Do I Need It?

"Scacial" – a term we derived from combining the terms scalp and facial. The idea is to clean your scalp, caring for it in a manner similar to skincare. After all, the scalp is also skin (just super-hairy though 😉)!

We launched the Scacial treatment way back in 2013. The aim was to see an improvement in the texture of our clients' hair and also to improve hair health, which plays a vital role in the texture itself. Furthermore, a healthy scalp aids in growth and thickness.

Many of us suffer with hair loss/hair thinning, excess oiliness/sebum buildup on the scalp, and/or a flakey scalp due to dandruff or dryness.

  • Hair Loss/Hair Thinning:

The causes of loss of hair may vary from person to person, but one common cause is an unhealthy scalp. This may include scalp psoriasis, inflammation, or infection – all of which are generally internally caused due to underlying health concerns or lifestyle and diet.

  • Oiliness, excess sebum and build up:

Oiliness and excess sebum do not develop on your scalp, but may lead to scalp buildup when it is not taken care of. Sebum is an oily secretion that collects on your scalp along with sweat, hair products, and dead skin cells. This not just causes flakes to appear on your scalp, but also clogs your pores and, eventually, weakens your roots. Scalp buildup can also be symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, or scalp psoriasis.

  • Dryness and flakiness:

A dry, itchy, or flaky scalp can be caused due to many reasons. One of these may include excessive use of hair products that are not properly washed off. Another cause can be using irritating shampoos or incorrect washing techniques.

A detox or cleanse becomes a necessary tool to help with scalp-hygiene when the problems above become a part of your everyday life. The Scacial, our version of the ultimate solution to these problems, helps rebalance the scalp pH and stimulates hair follicles, ultimately leading to a healthy scalp which, in turn, leads to hair growth.

The way we have to ensure the roots of a tree are strong, well-nourished, and watered correctly in order to ensure its branches, leaves and fruits are healthy, our scalp requires a similar process in order to keep our manes lustrous.

More about our treatment:

We are currently using an innovate scalp detox treatment provided by Schwarzkopf Professional and Chi Professional. It is a vitamin-boosted formula which thoroughly detoxes the scalp from any buildup and impurities, while balancing its natural oils. The pH of the scalp is balanced an a chemical exfoliation helps lift off dead skin cells.


  • We suggest getting this treatment at least twice a month to achieve maximum benefits, although it may be required more often if you use styling products regularly.

  • Do not schedule your Scacial or any scalp-related treatments on the same day as your hair color services.

  • Everything should be used in balance, never overdo anything - including the Scacial.

  • Change your shampoo, conditioner, and mask often (after consulting with your stylist). It is good to use a sulphate-free shampoo a few times a month and a clarifying shampoo about once or twice a month. If you have colour-treated hair, you have to be extra careful and use a very limited amount just once a month, as using a clarifying shampoo can cause your colour to fade quicker than normal (a good scalp-balancing shampoo and conditioner we recommend is the Tea Tree Oil range by Chi).

Please note: A consultation is necessary because recommendations and suggestions may vary from person to person, considering the difference in texture, daily regime and of course, health, hair, and weather conditions.