Meet The Stylists


Erum was the last to join our team but has ended up rising above all our expectations. Eager to learn and always managing the salons operations, you'll love her work ethic and services.


Farzana has become a part of the salon's core and has remained a loyal and integral part of the Hina Y team for 7+ years! Her passion to grow has led her to have a long list of clients who wait eagerly for an appointment with her.


One of our fastest learners, Lata has been enhancing her skillset swiftly and has a knack for subtlety and precision. She brings years of salon experience with her and is always trying to push the boundaries of learning more!


Madhu has created a long list of clients with us in a short span. She loves to stay busy and is not afraid of giving complete information to our guests for their queries and consultations.