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“I didn’t want a typical salon environment – I wanted something exclusive, tasteful, and a specialised, hair-focused space where you get undivided attention. If you need a place to get pampered without the usual queues and pushing around that you get in salons, this is the place to be. Great products and services, general chitchat, good music, and a space for you to find your own cozy corner in – there’s no way we’ll let you leave feeling disappointed! We pay special attention to detail in all aspects of my work.”

hina Y

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Hina Y & The Salon

The following 3 aspects of great service are at the heart of all that we offer: - Hygiene (a salon with very serious sterilizing procedures) - High-quality (highly brand-conscious) - Honesty (no dishonest advice in hopes of making extra money)  Being based in Dubai for 18 years of her life and traveling to different countries, Hina has the exposure to diversity that contributes to her unique and individual sense of makeup, hair, and fashion. She grew up watching her mother try out different trends in hair and makeup throughout the 90s, leading to her interest in the field at a very early age (she knows how to do blow-dries from age 12 and started running her own salon at 21). A business student with an active and applied artistic side, Hina has been trained by the best in hair and makeup in London, Dubai, and Karachi. With a goal to pull up local industry standards, her salon in the upscale Clifton area of Karachi leaves every client feeling comfortable and cared for. The aim is to cater to the needs of any woman looking to find a sophisticated, innovative, modern, clean, and professional hair salon with the client's unique needs and features in mind. Hina’s pride lies in her ever-growing knowledge in the chemical and artistic elements of hairdressing, the high-quality products available at the salon, the hygiene practices, the long and growing list of repeat clients, and a strong work ethic. She believes in passing on knowledge to and training Pakistani women with international and modern skills and techniques.

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Education & Empowerment

Hair education is something that I have always been drawn to. I’m obsessed with learning everything I can about the hair, chemicals, the science, and the art in the hair industry and I love sharing that knowledge with others. I’m passionate about uplifting others and I want to cultivate a culture of empowerment that puts knowledge over trends through education. I believe everyone should make informed decisions of what they can and cannot do to their hair, what's new in the world of hairdressing, and what tools, products, techniques, and styles work best for them.


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